Wir dokumentieren einen Aufruf von Angela Davis im Rahmen der Free Mumia Now Kampagne und schließen uns diesem ausdrücklich an:

The "One million roses" campaign emanating from the GDR was one of the keys that opened my prison cell in 1972.

It started in Germany over 40 years ago, when hundreds of thousands of people sent postcards with roses to me to express their solidarity and demand my freedom while I was incarcerated in California's San Rafael prison, facing a possible death sentence.

My two years in prison were tough enough on me – now try to imagine someone living there for more than 33 years! "A bright shining hell," is how Mumia Abu-Jamal used to refer to the tiny concrete bathroom he had to stay in for 22 hours every single day for nearly 29 years, while he was on death row.

At the end of 2011 his death sentence was definitely found unconstitutional – which even in strictly legalistic terms means he should never have been in this dark place to begin with.

That alone should be enough for the Governor of Pennsylvania to pardon him.

 In addition, much is pointing to his innocence, and I have always been convinced that he is not guilty. Because he never received a fair trial, he was never allowed to demonstrate his innocence in court. Now, although the death penalty has been lifted, he faces another kind of death sentence: a life-threatening illness, for which he is not receiving the needed treatment in prison.

Everything indicates that the prison authorities are not willing to give Mumia the medical treatment he needs. We remember the case of Herman Wallace, who was released only days before he died. We cannot allow this to happen to Mumia. He should go home. Now.

Mumia Abu-Jamal is close to my heart – I treasure his brilliant political analysis, his vision, and his empathy for others that has made him the voice of the voiceless. He is one of the warmest, most compassionate human beings I have ever known. He has spoken out for others so many times – now it is extremely urgent for us to speak out for him. We need him, and he needs us to get out.

"One million roses for Angela" started in Berlin - and from Berlin we are now starting our new campaign: Flood Pennsylvania's Governor with Freedom Postcards for Mumia. Governor Tom Wolf in Pennsylvania has the power to grant freedom to Mumia – and that is exactly what we demand from him!

I ask you to create and write postcards to PA's Governor Tom Wolf, and write them en masse, demanding

Freedom for Mumia Abu-Jamal – NOW!



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